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Google Faxing – Why should you embrace its features and benefits

Given how the Internet and other digital technologies have evolved, we can safely ditch our fax machines and start using a much more convenient and faster way of communicating. Of course, we are referring to Google fax, or the ability to send and receive fax via your Gmail address. This relatively new technology can be accessed by almost anyone, as it is quite affordable. Lately, you can send a Google fax for free as well. Since Google faxing is so accessible, it can help pretty much everyone, from large business owners to ordinary housewives.

The basics

In order to use Google fax, first, you will have to find an email fax service. This service will provide you with a virtual fax number that needs to be attached to your Google mail address. This way, all the incoming faxes will be automatically placed in your inbox. Even though these services can work perfectly well with various email service providers, going with Gmail would be your best option. This is because Google not only offers excellent categorizing and sorting features but also provides you with an access to Google Drive, where you can utilize cloud technology in order to retrieve your documents directly and store faxes.


LaptopWhen you create your account, you will be given a fax number, for free, as a part of the service. Since this number is digital, you can immediately start using it, without having to deal with complex physical setups and arduous installations. When choosing a number, you can opt for a toll-free number or a local one. This choice usually depends on the availability of numbers in your local area.

Excellent features and functions

Thanks to the implementation of new digital technologies. Google faxing offers much more features and functions, as opposed to standard faxing. For example, you can use your web dashboard to easily and almost instantly schedule your faxes. This can be very useful if you have a very busy schedule and cannot stay in your office, or use your computer.

Also, there is also the “broadcasting” feature, which allows you to send a fax to multiple receivers simultaneously, without having to waste time sending the fax to every single individual. The process itself is no different than sending a standard email. All you have to do is add the numbers of the receivers to the CC field and send the fax. Not too long ago, people had to hire special services for this, but nowadays, we can do it in a matter of seconds and for free.

Smartphone integration

bundle of cash graphicLast, but not least. Another great feature of Google faxing is the ability to integrate it with your smartphone. These days, you can easily find a plethora of smartphone apps, which allow you to enjoy the majority of Google fax services. With these applications, you can instantly receive notifications of incoming faxes. As well as view and forward them. You can also compose new fax documents or sign them electronically.

With all this in mind, it is no wonder why many have started using Google faxing. From ordinary people to business managers and CEOs, everyone can easily afford and benefit from these. This is a 100% secure and reliable technology that makes communication more effective and easier than ever before. If you haven’t started using it, now is definitely the time.…

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Here Is Why You Should Get A Phone Case

Have you recently bought your dream phone–iPhone 6 Plus? If yes, you must have advised getting a phone case to protect it. If you are in the dilemma whether to use a phone case or cover or not, this article would clear your mind up to a certain extent.

You might think that phones case skincare meant for keeping your phone pristine, but there is more to it than that In this article, we have curated some reasons to convince you on why you need a Lifeproof case for your dream phone.

Let’s get started with the first reason.

Drop Protection

holding phone backwards No matter how careful you are, now and then you will probably drop your phone at least once or twice in a day or couple of days. It depends on your phone’s build, whether it can grasp sudden fall or shock or not. If not, your phone will be broken into pieces at the drop of a hat.

The iPhone 6 Plus, while blessed with gorgeous looks, are likely to break if fallen from a good height. So, the argument for using a case is much stronger in this situation. A case is made of strong material that can protect the phone from shock and pressure when accidently dropped.

It is also worth mentioning that some phone have particularly slippery backs, and a case can add good grip to it which saves it from sliding out of your hand onto the concrete. Thus, it would be a great to get your phone a case of good quality, rather than keep it naked.

Protection of phone’s camera lenses

If you don’t care about the occasional scratch, you still need a case. Iphones have camera lenses flush with the back, which is more prone to scratches. Along with this, sudden fall could damage buttons on your phone, which would make it difficult for you to operate it. A case can protect the lenses and buttons along with the screen from sudden drop.

Resale value

images in the phoneIt is ok that you are not obsessive about the little scratches on your phone, but many people are. And, people can raise their eyebrows when you try to resale your phone. It goes without saying that nobody will buy a phone having little nicks and scratches.

If your phone has some, it will lower the resale value. Therefore, putting a case on your beloved iPhone is one of the best way to protect it from little scratches and even major damages due to the sudden drop.…

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