Have you recently bought your dream phone–iPhone 6 Plus? If yes, you must have advised getting a phone case to protect it. If you are in the dilemma whether to use a phone case or cover or not, this article would clear your mind up to a certain extent.

You might think that phones case skincare meant for keeping your phone pristine, but there is more to it than that In this article, we have curated some reasons to convince you on why you need a Lifeproof case for your dream phone.

Let’s get started with the first reason.

Drop Protection

holding phone backwards No matter how careful you are, now and then you will probably drop your phone at least once or twice in a day or couple of days. It depends on your phone’s build, whether it can grasp sudden fall or shock or not. If not, your phone will be broken into pieces at the drop of a hat.

The iPhone 6 Plus, while blessed with gorgeous looks, are likely to break if fallen from a good height. So, the argument for using a case is much stronger in this situation. A case is made of strong material that can protect the phone from shock and pressure when accidently dropped.

It is also worth mentioning that some phone have particularly slippery backs, and a case can add good grip to it which saves it from sliding out of your hand onto the concrete. Thus, it would be a great to get your phone a case of good quality, rather than keep it naked.

Protection of phone’s camera lenses

If you don’t care about the occasional scratch, you still need a case. Iphones have camera lenses flush with the back, which is more prone to scratches. Along with this, sudden fall could damage buttons on your phone, which would make it difficult for you to operate it. A case can protect the lenses and buttons along with the screen from sudden drop.

Resale value

images in the phoneIt is ok that you are not obsessive about the little scratches on your phone, but many people are. And, people can raise their eyebrows when you try to resale your phone. It goes without saying that nobody will buy a phone having little nicks and scratches.

If your phone has some, it will lower the resale value. Therefore, putting a case on your beloved iPhone is one of the best way to protect it from little scratches and even major damages due to the sudden drop.…