Maybe you have not sent a fax in the recent past. You are probably accustomed to sending any digital document you have through a multi-function printer or by email as an attachment. Most people believe that fax is dead. However, recent studies have shown that faxing is growing at a higher rate. It is estimated that over 100 billion faxes are sent around the world each year. Moreover, the faxing industry is likely to grow at a rate of 15%.

What is the need for sending a fax when there are several alternatives, such as cloud-based shared folders, IoT technologies, and FTP? If you need to refinance your house and provide legal documents on behalf of your small business or enterprise, you need faxing. Many other reasons mean that faxing is not going away anytime soon. The following are some reasons why faxing will continue to be crucial for businesses as a mode of document conveyance.


With the emergence of cloud services, there has been a huge shift in how consumers and businesses share and consume information. For instance, the evolution of cloud-based services as resulted in “anywhere, anytime” usage model where documents, data, and music sharing are done through internet-connected devices. According to, faxing has not been left behind. Online faxing is easier as sending and receiving an email.

Global Reach

Faxing is still regarded as a legal means of business communications across the world. That explains why a lot of businesses are now adapting to a cloud-based fax model that simplifies the existing workflows with the internet-based faxing. The good thing about this approach is that it eliminates the need for maintaining fax servers, maintenance agreements, and telco lines.

Audit and Delivery Confirmation

Maybe your business is in a highly regulated sector such as finance, legal, or healthcare. In such a case, you know the implications that come with compliance issues. Unlike mobile or email text messaging, with online faxing, those receiving the fax should acknowledge that they have received the document successfully. In this case, the notification acts as proof that the document has been delivered successfully.


You should note that modern fax providers allow transmission of documents through TLS encryption protocol. In this way, you can have peace of mind knowing that your documents are secure. In addition, as an extra layer of security, the documents are stored in encrypted cloud networks.…