Virtual reality refers to the use of computer technologies that uses software that simulates a three-dimensional world. The software can generate images, which are real, sounds, and sensations, which look like a real environment. The person using the software can interact with the virtual world. The following are the uses of virtual reality:

Benefits of virtual reality

Health carewoman wearing virtual reality console

Some health institutions use computer generated images for diagnosis and treatment. They make 3D models of patients’ anatomy using virtual images derived from ultrasound and scans. Virtual reality used as a tool for rehabilitation for patients who are brain injured or suffer from a stroke. The virtual therapy used to regain cognitive function fast. The patients are motivated by practical exercises, which feel like games. They help surgeons master some surgical procedures and can use them to create fabulous projects. This helps in saving on costs, which would be incurred in actual projects. It also helps minimize injuries, loss of life and unnecessary expenses.

Architects design and development

Architects and designers use virtual reality in construction space where the computer generates images which replace hand drawings. It helps designers test out environment before embarking on the actual building. It saves time also spent on re-working layouts thus reducing costs. Architects create CAD designs and implement it in virtual reality thus interior and exterior elaboration made. Before laying the real foundation, the project designed and problems rectified thus increasing safety. Designers create 3D models used in game development while engineers use virtual reality models to help them carry out design work.

Military training

The military uses the virtual reality simulations to train their soldiers before deploying them to various stations. It helps them gain virtual reality experience before they are given physical access to their tools of work like guns and bullets. Games like Virtual Battle space 2 and Unity 3D used to prepare troops mentally for their actual work. Simulation games allow teamwork in replicated environment before using the real equipment like machine guns and other weapons.

Education and training

Practical training is pwoman wearing virtual reality consolereferred to theoretical training because it helps the learners grasp the necessary skills to operate. Professionals gain hands-on experience using virtual reality. It equips them to deal with the actual situations. When training footballers, they use headsets that enable them to watch plays from a first person perspective. This helps them make decisions concerning the game and how to play.…