Golf Rangefinder Benefits To Golfers

man playing golfA golf rangefinder is an aiding device that helps a golfer to improve his game by providing him with accurate distance reading of the target on the golf course. The device comes with safe eye laser for aiming at an object and then precisely measure the time the laser will take to rebound the object and back. In a nutshell, rangefinders provide golf players with precise yardage, hazards, and distances to a given target. A golf rangefinder enables a player to play with little disruption. A golfer without a rangefinder is like a carpenter without a tape measure. Needless to say, golf is indeed one of the most complex and highly cutthroat precision game in sports today. Regardless of whether you’re a newbie or a pro, it’s an impeccable advantage to have a rangefinder to aid your distance judgment during training or competition.

Here are the top most golf rangefinders benefits

Use approved of even on major tournaments

The use of certain golf rangefinders is allowed in golf tournaments including major ones. This allowance was made after USGA decerned the difficulty that golfers had to go through when measuring distances. In fact, as at now under USGA Rule 14-3, a score may be posted for the rounds played with the aid of a device that gives only distance measurements. However, devices that give ground slope or wind speed aren’t allowed.

Provides precise measurements

Today, it’s possible for a golfer to know the accurate distance to the target on the golf course – thanks to the birth of laser golf rangefinders devices. Accuracy is one element that can’t be gambled with in a precision game like golf. By being able to give accurate measurements, a rangefinder provides a player with accurate distance measurements between himself and the next water hazard or hole. It also provides a golfer with vital information as to his distance from the bunker, pin, or treeline. Without a doubt, a golfer rangefinder just practically answers all of the golfer’s questions.

User friendly

Golf rangefinders are incredibly convenient to use. Most golf aiding devices force the user to download the golf course file before the tournament so as to get acquainted with it. This isn’t so with rangefinders. The device enables a golfer to have the real feeling of the physical golf course including all its physical features


cashPeople often believe that rangefinders are expensive because it guarantees countless benefits to the game. The shocking truth is that some rangefinders cost even less than the widely used GPS golf watches or devices. Believe it or not, there are some rangefinders in the market that go for less than 150 dollars and has some of the breathtaking features a golf player can only dream of. ……and as time goes, the prices can only get better.

As can be seen, although golf rangefinders are not so old devices in the golfing, they are here to stay. Without a doubt, they will bring a hardworking player to a completely new level of golf improvement. It’s no secret that golf rangefinders come with a bulk of advantages as compared to other golfing gadgets. These include providing pinpoint accuracy, easy to use and doesn’t cost fortunes.

Rangefinder’s are like insiders in the golf course and owning one means staying a step ahead of the competition. Today, you may be a novice in the game and on how to use a golf rangefinder, may this not bother you. Practice makes perfect! Keep on practicing with a rangefinder without giving up, who knows? Tomorrow you might just make a world sports news headline.