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Reasons to Buy MaskFone Smart Face Masks

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have had to reshape and change so many aspects of our lives. For example, shaking hands was the typical way of greetings for some people but they now have to greet each other verbally or otherwise. Many people work from home so long as their jobs allow, and virtual meetings and classes have become the new norm.

Additionally, we have had to adopt new habits, like wearing face masks. After lots of research and deliberations, scientists and policymakers concluded that face masks and face covers could prevent the wearer from spreading the COVID-19 virus and offer the wearer some protection from others’ infection. Many governments have made wearing face masks mandatory in public places, which has led to high demand for the same.

There have been all kinds of face masks, but some advanced ones have emerged. There has even been the emergence of smart face masks like MaskFone, which come with extra features for convenience and more protection.

Here are some of the reasons you should buy MaskFone smart face masks:


a black facemaskThe fundamental purpose of face masks is to protect the wearers from harmful bacteria, viruses, and other disease causing microorganisms. Also, it prevents the wearer from transmitting the infections to others. This is especially important when dealing with asymptomatic persons who are carriers of diseases like COVID-19 but show no signs yet can pass the conditions to others.

Like the conventional ones, these smart masks offer that protection and even in a better way because they come with a fabric that is of high quality, washable and breathable. What’s more, wearers can also use N95/FFP2 and N95/FFP2 filters alongside the smart masks to boost their protection.


a lady with a maskThe smart masks are different from the ordinary covers in that they have extra features that give users convenience. For example, the MaskFone has wireless earbuds and a built-in microphone. These allow the wearers to listen to music and take phone calls with no need to remove the masks. With the mic, the wearers deliver crystal clear audios thus can converse well with others.

Therefore, the smart face masks protect you and allow you to have fun and work well. Besides, the MaskFone has control buttons that will enable you to use your phone without pulling out the mask. This is crucial because you are not left exposed at any time and avoid the constant touching of the cover and the body, which can risk you by transferring the disease causing microorganisms.

Other than protection and convenience, the smart face masks are fashionable and have a better appearance, so you will enjoy wearing them while maintaining your sense of style.…

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Features of a Good Tactical Flashlight

A flashlight is an electronic device used for lighting the dark areas and is fitted with aluminium. In the digital era we live in, it is almost impossible to do without a tactical flashlight due to its versatile and efficient nature. It is mostly used in weapons and is not entirely an ordinary kind of flashlight, when aimed at a potential attacker, it is known to cause temporary blindness due to its high intensity lighting features. When looking for a good tactical flashlight you need to read to have enough information about this item. At defenseunit you can get an amazing guide on how to buy and use them. When making a purchase of a tactical flashlight, here is what to consider:

Features of a good tactical flashlight

black tactical flashlight1. Since you probably carry it with you everywhere you go, it should be easy to carry and conveniently portable.

2. Should have a high durability profile. This will save you the frustrations of unnecessary expenditures.

3. Emits a high level of light for use in extremely dark regions.

4. Highly waterproof

This is a feature that comes in handy especially to those that love adventure and just couldn’t do without it. In the event that you are camping near a water-body, a tactical flashlight with this feature will be of much help to you.

A durable battery life to avoid unnecessary blackouts at the most unexpected places. The longest a durable tactical flashlight battery could go is a couple of hours on end.

It is flexible when it comes to the extensive array of power options such as rechargability.

5. A robust and tough exterior which complements its reliability

golden tactical flashlightIt is versatile in the sense that you can carry it with you in any outdoor sport you are engaged in. For instance camping out somewhere in the wild will require a flashlight that will carry out all the necessary duties perfectly.

A quality flashlight has a bezel that is detachable from the main lens for purposes of cleaning and replacement with a preferred color of your choice.

The light source contains a component known as Xenon which contributes to the energy saving properties of the flashlight. A reflector that ensures maximum concentration of light on one area and ensures that the image is perfectly captured.

6. A good tactical flashlight is pocket-friendly and authentic

This means that you should avoid counterfeit at all costs and get a genuine tactical flashlight straight from the manufacturers or authorized dealers.

Nowadays, the point of focus on any electronic device is the Light-Emitting Diode (LED), and the tactical flashlight is no exception. They are highly regarded for their durability and cost-efficient features. LED’s are used even in the headlights of most fuel-guzzling vehicles.…

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